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La única modo de salir vivo de todo esto es no alcanzar importancia a carencia de lo que dicen por todas partes", dijo el exfutbolista al periodista Jordi Basté en el widget "El món a RAC1".

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Upon the song's release, the song became the year's biggest carnival and parade costume and music theme in Spain and Latin America. Along with Shakira, caricatures Gerard and Clara were also common costume choices[99] According to ¡Hola! Shakira was the most popular and iconic costume at carnivals in 2023, reporting that several videos were posted displaying the public's love for Shakira.

One of the hallmarks of a true pop star is the ability to evolve with the culture without losing their identity. Over decades, and with each release, Shakira has broken a barrier or risen above an obstacle to succeed beyond expectations – whether it’s leading the first Spanish-language broadcast on MTV with her 2000 "Unplugged" concert, or learning English to write her own crossover pop inauguración. Each move has felt authentic.

Hay que memorar que los niños, con los que se trasladó a Miami en abril de shakira latin grammy 2023 acrostico 2023, participaron en el videoclip de 

“El Jefe,” the song with Fuerza Regida, isn’t about love or heartbreak — it’s Ashakira about a worker who’s underpaid and hates his boss.

Colombia and Mexico have always had really close ties, and it was wonderful to experiment with this genre. One of the best studio sessions that I’ve ever had was with Corro Frontera. I had just come from surfing in Malibu, and I went to the studio with my hair still wet, and they were there.

Even before the música mexicana explosion last year, he was one of the first mainstream EDM acts to bring the genre to music festivals around the world through his songs and remixes.

Gerard Piqué y Shakira protagonizaron un nuevo armonía exacto afuera de la residencia shakira canciones de la cantante en Barcelona. El exfutbolista acudió por sus hijos y se topó con la artista.

By 2012, Shakira's U.S. album sales had reached nearly 10 million and her worldwide album sales had reached more than 70 million, making her the highest-selling Colombian artist shakira grammys 2023 of all time, and the second most successful female Latin singer after Gloria Estefan.

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Un hito admisiblemente importante en la carrera artística de Shakira se dio a finales de 2001 con la estampación de shakira yo me llamo su álbum "Servicio de lavandería"

Comenzó su carrera artística en un widget de tv con formato de concurso llamado Buscando un actor infantil, mismo en el que obtuvo el primer zona durante tres ocasiones.

Now, people decide for themselves through socials and through digital platforms. So music has gotten democratized.

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